polo was born january 15th 2012 in texas, united states. his favorite hobbies includes visiting hospitals and spending time in the community giving back. in fact, he loves uplifting people so much, that in 2014 he became a registered therapy dog. he currently enjoys posting pictures of himself on instagram where he boasts over 30k followers, and is able to use his voice to spread love on a larger platform.

some of polo's notable highlights are that he is a 5 time real men wear pink award winner, and that he has raised over $50k for breast cancer research for the the american cancer society.

in 2017, following hurricane maria, polo flew to puerto rico he gathered over $20k of goods to give back to their struggling communities. 

since 2012, he has volunteered thousands of hours at hospitals and nursing homes around the country.

his dream is to be able to change the world, one hug at a time, and is currently continuing to devote his life, to spreading love.