MAY 15TH 2021

Hot and humid day here in NYC, Anthony and I walked for about 3 hours providing cold drinks, hot meals, and other essentials to the less fortunate. Thank you to Anthony, the 14 other Zumba instructors, and all the attendees that put together a fundraiser for our mission!

May 5th 2021

A rainy day here in New York City. Days like this is when the less fortunate get very little attention, and when we feel its much more significate to help! Through our powerful supporters, we donated brand new sleeping bags, hot meals, and fresh socks!

APRIL 17TH 2021

The Spread Love Team hits the streets of NYC with one mission, to Spread Love to those in need. We were on the search high and low, and successfully illuminated the lives of those that desperately needed us!

APRIL 4TH 2021

Feeding the Homeless on Easter Sunday. The amount of homeless people in NYC is unbelievable. In fact, its at a record high. But we're making sure they're going to sleep on a full stomach tonight!

March 19th 2021

The Living Room in NYC is a shelter that houses up to 75 people at a time. We set up shop right outside the shelter and provided clothing, socks, sneakers and other key essentials to so many in need. It was brutally cold outside, but your love helped keep everyone warm!

March 12th 2021

Polo and I visited the Ali Forney Center in New York City and turned our focus to giving back to the LGBTQIA+ Community. These young adults are facing adversity due to their families not accepting them, and they have no where to go. We made sure they were staying warm and had brand new Sweatshirts to help them get through this cold weather. We were welcomed with open arms!

March 5th 2021

It was a cold night in NYC, but Polo and I were prepared with tons of clothing and essentials to give back, thanks to you! Watch us as we walk around Penn Station looking for people in need, they weren't hard to find.