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In 2013, Polo found his calling while attending the annual American Cancer society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk. The effect that Polo had on the attendees, spread a joy and love that would continue to resonate until this day. Since then Polo has been featured on numerous news outlets and has become a social media sensation. He has been in partnerships with national charity organizations across the country and has been recognized for his work. His weekly visits at the top hospitals in New York City , homeless shelters and personal visits to those in need, continue to define his work. His dedicated supporters and partners across the country continue to drive his passion and enable him to continue his work. The Spread Love Clothing brand continues to be the only source of funding for their charitable work. Each purchase made, allows Polo to continue on his mission. Welcome to the Spread Love Family!





Hi I'm Joshua Saadi & this is my dog Polo. Polo is a New York State Certified Therapy Dog and we visit the young, sick and elderly in some of the top local hospitals, homeless shelters, food drives, breast cancer walks and where we are invited to "Spread Love".  

We rely soley on our fans purchasing our merchandise, donations and gifts to continue our movement.  We do not get paid for our time, services or expenses from any of the institutions where we work.  It is all done from the heart and the help of others.


From our site you can see that we are working hard to make people feel better and leave them with a feeling that money can't buy. 


Send us photos or tag us with photos of you, your loved ones and friends with Polo or wearing items from our Spread  Love Collections and we will post them to our Spread Love Social Circle

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